Thursday, 24 April 2014

How To Get Best Out of

Customers can have enchanting experience with us by following some of the tips to get the best of Whether it is at the point of buying or it is for the speedy delivery of their ordered books.

Buying Tips

Wait for a minute! Jot down the books that you require with complete name of the book, medium, publisher's name, code/ISBN No. from, it help us to work on your order fast. 

While you jot down, think of the future buying -- that you would be buying books for preparation and reference. 

The more books you place in your order:- 

  • It will save you (or to be specific protect you) from books going out of stock
  • You will be offered the best discount;
  • Courier cost goes down, in some pin codes and special offer, discounts, or coupons, you may be offered the FREE SHIPPING

Speedy Delivery

While you place your order by Email, please let us know the name of the courier agency that are working on your area or PIN Code. If there are no courier agencies, mention the books be dispatched by India Post Speed Post service

In case you are using the Order Form in the to place order of the books, mention the details through which books be dispatched -- like the name of the courier agency (if not available) or by Speed Post, India Post.

Mention the courier name as well as complete address

So, these are few tips that would help our esteemed customers to get the best of us.